At Wiweeki, we leave no stone unturned in solving our customer's technology challenges.


Wiweeki offers Technology agnostic Agile development services. Our methodology focuses on value and includes the following stages:

  1. Prepare: Create vision, product roadmap and release plan
  2. Develop: Provide architecture spike analysis, design services, distributed development and continuous integration
  3. Accept: Conduct automated regression testing and continuous deployment for user acceptance
  4. Ship: Establish continuous delivery using DevOps tools for distributed deployment and automated rollback. Provide user training, release notification and documentation as needed
  5. Operate, Maintain and Sunset: Conduct pro-active monitoring, automated recovery and historical log analysis for preemptive maintenance

We understand that one size does not fit all projects. Our methodology can be tailored to fit different project sizes and contexts. We support both time boxed delivery (recommended for large development projects and new modernization initiatives) and continuous delivery (recommended for defect fixes, small enhancements and O&M).

Our IV&V services range from the establishment of enterprise-level capability within an organization to the execution of assessments that support IT Portfolio Management and organizational system development efforts.

Our standards-based methodology provides the objective evidence you need to enhance the results of your development life cycle.

We understand the relationship of the Statement of Need, Project Management Plan, Software Quality Assurance Plan, and Configuration Management Plan to the success of the engineering and development effort.

As needed, we will be the voice telling you that you are/are not ready to move to the next level.

A thorough evaluation of the system requirements mitigates the risk of creating poor software and interface requirements. Throughout the engineering process, our group provides objective evidence with its knowledgeable recommendation to accept or reject the product.

Depending on the complexity of the system and its integrity level there may be multiple levels and multiple iterations of testing which may be executed by a separate test group or by the developer. To ensure the veracity of the test process we may witness the testing performed by others or may support user acceptance test. Testing will determine if system, software, and interface requirements have been satisfied. We will identify the results along with the document evaluations to determine if the system, when operational, will meet the business needs of the organization.

The larger or more complex the project the more important it is that approved processes and procedures are implemented. We will assess your draft or approved processes and procedures. We have the unique ability to provide critical independent verification and validation support to a wide range of processes ranging from configuration management and test to CPIC and EVMS.

With experience across multiple industries, Wiweeki helps organizations turn insights into action and action into tangible results. Our portfolio of offerings includes Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data.

Our Data Warehousing services provide an affordable data management solution that ensures information is available when needed in a format that is organized and easy to find.

Our Business Intelligence and Big Data services unlock significant value by making information transparent and provide clients with competitive advantage for informed and timely business decisions.

Wiweeki is a mobility solution provider with a wide range of mobility solutions, designed to help your organization meet the challenges of today’s wireless workforce.
Mobile Systems Strategy and Deployment– Our team of highly certified and experienced consultants helps design a mobile strategy and implementation plan for your organization, and works with your IT team to deploy mobile solutions across the enterprise.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Wiweeki’s Enterprise Mobility solutions enable your employees to effectively use their personal devices for enterprise applications. With mobile virtual solutions, we can customize mobile devices for individual enterprise apps, define BYOD user policies and provision services based on user requirements.
Mobile Cloud – Mobile cloud solutions enable users to access data stored in the cloud from a wide variety of mobile devices. Our mobile cloud solutions incorporate the latest privacy and security technologies to maintain the integrity of data across the enterprise.
Enterprise Cross-Platform Mobile App Development– Wiweeki can work with you to develop sophisticated mobile apps that are designed to function flawlessly on iOS, Android and other mobile operating platforms.
Mobile Security– Mobile devices present an inherent security risk to your organization. Wiweeki IT consultants can help by remotely locking and wiping mobile devices that have been lost or stolen, and by recovering data in the event of destruction. Leveraging advanced security software, we can improve mobile security via user authentication and other strategies.
Mobile Remote Monitoring and Provisioning – Our Enterprise Mobility solutions enable provisioning and configuration of wireless and mobile infrastructure as well as automated remote monitoring of any type of mobile device.
Lifecycle Management of Mobile Devices– Lifecycle management protects data wherever it resides, automates procurement and provisioning, and quickly retires mobile devices that have been lost, damaged, stolen or replaced.